Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising 12/1/22

You may have been trying to make your house feel more like a home lately. You may have also been trying to surround yourself with your chosen and/or biological family.

But now the moon has moved into Aries. This lunar aspect wants you to indulge in your passions. You should express yourself in as many creative ways as possible.

A lot of things are happening in the sky today! The moon forms squares with Mars, Venus, and Mercury. The moon also forms two conjunctions with Neptune and Jupiter and a sextile with Pluto. Meanwhile, Mercury forms a square with Neptune and Venus forms an opposition with Mars and a sextile with Saturn. 

Now is a great time to nurture your writing talents. Try journaling or writing poetry. But be careful, because imposter syndrome may tear it’s ugly head.

Sagittarius of the day: Ozzy Osbourne, born on December 3, 1948

Sagittarius song of the day: Hello God, by Dolly Parton


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