What Your Rising Sign Says About You

We’ve talked about how you can learn more about your core being through your sun sign and your emotional life through your moon sign. But today, we’re rounding out the “big three” and talking about what insight we can gain from learning more about our ascendant, or rising sign.

Our rising sign is the lens we view the world through, and often the first impression we give off. It represents the traits we most wish to inhabit, and how we want others to view us. It’s the part of ourselves that we’re generally proud of, quirks and all.

The rising sign is the trickiest sign to discover, because it requires an exact birth time to calculate. This isn’t always accessible to every person, as many people have to rely on family members to remember the number that was on the clock when they made their first appearance earth-side. Some birth certificates include this bit of info, though, so that’s definitely worth a look.

Ready to find out how the world sees you? Read on.


As an Aries rising, people see you as a serious go-getter and self-starter. And you see yourself that way as well – you’re most comfortable in a leadership position, or at least one where no one is holding you back. You’re incredibly competitive, and passionate about all aspects of your life. You also have a tendency not to look before you leap, but overall you’ve got good instincts.


If your ascendent is in Taurus, you’re known for your appreciation of the finer things in life. Luxury items, good food, top-tier travel – you’re a walking, talking lifestyle magazine. But that doesn’t mean you’re shallow. In fact, you’re the epitome of down to earth. And while jet setting is a dream, you’re happiest sharing a home cooked (gourmet) meal with good company.


With Gemini as your rising sign, you’re likely a sparkling conversationalist and the person everyone counts on to gather the troops for the party. You’re quick-witted, playful, and happiest when those around you are also happy and entertained. As the sign of the twins, however, you can’t help but chronically multi-task. You also have issues with indecision.


As a Cancer rising, your friends and family probably would describe you as loving and nurturing – almost to a fault. You’re the ultimate homebody – your home is your sanctuary, but you also live to make others feel welcome in it. You’re also as sensitive as they come, and are definitely the one others turn to for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.


Leo rising’s come across as playful, bold, and the life of the party. You want the world to notice you, but that doesn’t mean you’re vain or shallow. You also want to make others feel special, and you’re known as someone who’s incredibly generous and giving – even if you make that giving into a grand gesture. Not everyone can handle all that energy, and some might view you as performative.


If Virgo is your ascendant, then you give off a very warm but serious vibe. You’re always put together, and others depend on you to keep up with the details when they can’t (or don’t feel like it). This can be a drag at times, but you’re a born caregiver, and genuinely like being someone people turn to in times of crisis. You’re likely very passionate about nature and protecting the environment.


If your rising sign is in Libra, your friends probably see you as social, fashionable, and a bit of a romantic. You’re a born diplomat (your symbol is the scales of Justice) and you’re constantly seeking peace and harmony in your environment and among those around you. Sometimes this mission to make everyone happy can pull you in too many directions at once, and boundaries can be a hard lesson to learn.


If you’re a Scorpio rising, it’s likely that you’re pretty quiet and reserved until people prove that they’re worth your time (or can be trusted). Others might think of you as a bit dark, mysterious, and even intimidating. You probably have a famous case of RBF, and come off more intense than you think, but that’s just teasing at the depth of emotion under the surface, which is alluring to everyone you meet.


Much like Leo risings, Sagittarius risings are adventurous, energetic, and the life of the party. You’re at the top of everyone’s guest list – at least if they’re looking for someone with loads of interesting stories to tell about all the places they’ve been and people they’ve met. Your friends would call you optimistic and outspoken, though sometimes a filter wouldn’t hurt when you speak.


Capricorn risings are seen as the grown-ups of the zodiac. You’ve got it all figured out – at least to the people around you – and probably have since a very young age. You also exude some serious confidence. Capricorn knows exactly what they’re worth and aren’t afraid to go after it or just flat out ask for it. You might come off a bit business-minded, but you’re also a warm, loyal, and loving friend.


As an Aquarius rising, others would most likely consider you intellectual and philosophical, but no one would accuse you of being emotional. You’re very concerned with humanitarian issues at any given moment, it’s just the touchy-feely, one-on-one stuff that’s not really your jam. You like to express your individualism outwardly, through fashion, hairstyles, and overall aesthetic.


If your ascendant is in Pisces, you’re someone who exudes emotion and sensitivity. You’re oh so devoted to your nearest and dearest, and will bend over backwards (and often lose yourself) trying to keep your inner circle nurtured and happy. Much like Libra, boundaries can be an issue – others are so used to calling you at all hours of the night, they might forget you have a life of your own.

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