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If you have even a vague interest in astrology, then you undoubtedly know your zodiac “sign.” And from there, you’ve probably gathered a couple of things. This stuff is really fun to read about–but also, it can seem extremely vague and generalized at times. Which can often lead to people saying the stuff is just… made up.

Friends, I’m here to set the record straight. Astrology is neither vague nor made up. In fact, it’s an incredibly complex system of calculations based on the placement of the moon and the planets with a whole lot of cosmic events like retrogrades, and eclipses, and transits, and aspects thrown into the mix.

In short, what people often dismiss as made-up pseudoscience is based on math. Lots and lots of math.

But I can already feel your eyes glazing over. That’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about how this system can give us insight into the world around us, and most meaningfully, into our very own natures. And I’m about to give you the secret code.

You ready?

You don’t have just one sign. You actually have many, but today we’re talking about the big three: Your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign.

Your Sun Sign

Your sun sign is what most people think of when they think of “their sign.” It’s the easiest to calculate because you only need to know your birth month and day. And it’s the basis of most of those generalizations we were talking about earlier. But just because it’s the most accessible doesn’t mean it’s not also incredibly meaningful.

Your sun sign is your innate being. It’s your identity. It’s your core.

The sun is the center of the solar system, and your sun sign is the center of you. It’s our ego, and our motivation, and the big picture of our lives.

But not everything about you is something that can be learned at a macro, 10,000-foot level. And that’s where your moon sign comes in.

Your Moon Sign

Your sun sign represents your identity, but your moon sign represents your inner self – your rich emotional life and the side that you don’t show to just anybody.

Just as the moon illuminates the dark, understanding our moon sign can help us navigate the shadow side of ourselves – and make no mistake, we all have a shadow. We all have mysteries lurking just beneath the surface. But understanding this aspect can help us understand why we process our emotions the way that we do.

Your moon sign isn’t quite as simple to calculate as your sun sign, but it’s still very accessible. You’ll need your birth date and year, along with the time zone where you were born. Our third step, however, is a bit more tricky.

Your Rising Sign

If your sun sign is your core identity, and your moon sign is your emotional life, your rising sign represents the lens you view the world through. It’s your outlook on life, and as such comes through externally as well, meaning it’s often the first impression we give to people. It can also reflect the things we hide away when meeting someone for the first time.

Knowing your rising sign can be immensely helpful in interpreting the rest of your birth chart and can indicate where you temper your sun self. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “You don’t seem like a Capricorn” or “I thought you were a Pisces” – or if you’ve ever felt you aren’t truly represented by your sun sign – a clue as to why can often be found within your rising sign. It’s usually more indicative of how you relate to others and how they perceive your overall demeanor.

The tricky thing about your rising sign is that it’s the most challenging part of the birth chart to calculate. You’ll need your exact birth time (down to the minute) and time zone to figure it out.

But if you can’t figure out your rising sign – not to worry! There are plenty of other aspects of your chart that can shed light on your innermost workings. And your sun sign and moon sign are the best places to start for that.

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