The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Least to Most Stingy

We all have that one generous friend who would do anything for the ones they love. Or maybe we are that friend. Have you ever wondered which zodiac signs are more generous and which ones are the most stingy? Well, today, we are ranking the signs from most to least generous. Or least to most stingy, depending on how you view the world.

Read on to see where your sun sign falls on the list. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising as well. You can check your birth chart here.

And yes, for those wondering, this was an incredibly hard list to write.

1. Cancer

The moon-child gets the honor of being the most generous sign in the zodiac. Cancerians are known to be mom-friends. They are compassionate and empathetic and will do anything to make sure their friends feel safe and financially secure.

2. Libra

Libras are known for their dedication to peace and justice, but they are also known for their sociable and generous spirit. Sometimes they are even over-generous. They are second on the list because they tend to play devil’s advocate too much.

3. Aquarius 

Aquarians are revolutionaries who are dedicated to justice and equality. They are the ones who will volunteer and donate to worthy causes. But they come in third on the list because they tend to be a bit standoffish when it comes to interacting with their fellow man.

4. Pisces

Pisces are just as empathetic as Cancer. And they are always ready to give money when they can. They are the quintessential people-pleasers. However, they are a bit lower on the list because they tend to people-please to make themselves feel better rather than the ones they are helping.

5. Sagittarius

As a whole, Sagittarians are high-minded and well-read individuals. And because of that, they are known to be quite altruistic. They are always happy to donate to charities. However, I had to put them a bit lower on the list because of their self-aggrandizing nature.

6. Taurus 

Like Cancerians, Taureans have garnered a reputation for being “mom-friends.” They want their loved ones to feel safe and secure. However, they know that they have to take care of themselves before bending over backwards for others. They can’t pour from an empty cup.

7. Leo

It may be hard to believe, but the bombastic Leo’s are actually quite warm-hearted and generous. They may steal the spotlight but they are always happy to share the spotlight as well. But that being said, the fixed fire sign will almost always look out for themselves.

8. Virgo

We all know that Virgos are more than happy to help anyone in need. However, due to their loyalty, they are more likely to help those with whom they are close. They also tend to be too critical of their loved ones, which undercuts any generosity they may show.

9. Aries

There are many positive words to describe Aries. But “generous” may not be one of them. It’s not that they aren’t generous. They just tend to be more generous and loyal to their loved ones rather than strangers. Honestly, Virgo and Aries are probably tied on this list. Because even though Aries is not as helpful as Virgo, they are way less critical of their friends than Virgo is.

10. Scorpio 

Scorpios aren’t incredibly stingy. They are water signs, so they tend to be soft touches. And they can be just as dedicated as Virgo and Aries. However, their envy and need for instant gratification tend to make them a bit more selfish.

11. Gemini

No one can deny that Geminis are sweet-natured and sympathetic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are generous. It’s not that they want to be stingy, it’s just that they aren’t always reliable. You can’t really count on their generosity.

12. Capricorn 

Ok, I’m not saying that Capricorns are like Ebenezer Scrooge, but I wouldn’t be surprised if three ghosts visited them on Christmas Eve. Capricorns can be quite loving and protective over their loved ones. But because of their ambition and success, it can be hard for them to empathize with people whom they believe are not working as hard as they do.

13. Ophiuchus 

Ophiuchus is not generous at all because they are not a real zodiac sign.

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