Which Zodiac Signs Are the Most Insecure?

We all feel a little insecure sometimes. But maybe some signs are inclined to be more insecure than others. Read on to find out which signs tend to be the most self-conscious.


Here is something you may not know about the vernal firecracker. Aries are the biggest crybabies in the entire zodiac. Being one, I should know. You could argue that they are more sensitive than Cancer and Pisces combined. But they are not insecure because they lack self-esteem. All fire signs are quite passionate and as the cardinal fire sign, they tend to feel every emotion quite strongly. So when they feel self-conscious, their insecurity gets cranked up to eleven.

If your Aries loved one starts feeling insecure, try to reassure them without invalidating them.


Air signs are known to be quite intellectual, and they are usually driven by their thoughts rather than their feelings. But Gemini has a tendency to overthink. They tend to read into every little thing a person does and jump to wild conclusions. Because of this, their thoughts can become erratic and can contribute to their insecurities. 

If your Gemini loved one starts to feel insecure, try your best to talk them through each scenario that pops into their head. Sometimes verbalizing scenarios can help them realize how unlikely they are. 


It may be hard to understand why a stable earth sign made this list. Virgos are known to be practical and dedicated. But as pragmatic as they are, they can still be quite timid. Like Gemini, their anxiety can cause them to overthink a situation. They are very strong and capable, but their nervousness can cause them to experience imposter syndrome. 

If your Virgo loved one is feeling insecure, It may help to show them a little appreciation for all of the hard work that they do.


I know what you’re thinking, “how can one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac be insecure?” The root of their insecurity lies in their envious nature. Even when they try to push their jealousy aside, it can be difficult for them not to compare themselves to others. Some Scorpios deal with this envy by overcompensating with haughtiness. But some of the more sensitive Scorpios give into their insecurities. 

If your Scorpio loved one is feeling insecure, you can help them by boosting their confidence and reminding them of their many accomplishments.


There sure are a lot of mutable signs on this list. I mentioned in this article that pisces are empathic, meaning they can sense, and in some cases, feel the emotions of others. And if they sense that someone is mad or annoyed with them, it can cause them to spiral and assume the worst of the situation and themselves. Pisces are hypersensitive and have a tendency towards escapism, so when they are dealing with feelings of insecurity, they tend to retreat within themselves. 

If your Pisces loved one is feeling insecure, it may help to communicate your true thoughts and feelings with them so they don’t misread cues and overthink.

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