Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Scam You

Every single one of us has been tricked by someone. And every single one of us has also played a trick or two. At some point in our life, we will all get scammed, but who amongst us are more likely to be the scammers?

Today, we are going to be discussing which zodiac signs are most likely to become scam artists. Now, this is not to say that the following four zodiac signs will always scam you. This article is merely going to shed light on some of these signs’ characteristics that match the traits of scam artists. I am sure that your Leo, Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn friends are not trying to scam you.

Read on to find out if your sun sign made the list. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign too. You can check your birth chart here.


Most Leos can be warm-hearted philanthropists. They are known for their charm and generous nature. However, Leos can also be self-absorbed hot heads. 

Combining their flirtatiousness with their selfish ways is a recipe for disaster. If a Leo scammer charms their way into your life, you can become easily intrigued by their fiery passion. It’s hard not to be beguiled by the fixed fire sign.


Most Libras are sweet-natured peacekeepers. They always try to make sure that those around them are calm and happy. However, they can be quite ambivalent.

Their ambivalence can lead them to equivocate. In other words, they can come off as two-faced. They also tend to victimize themselves. A Libra scammer may not even intend to scam you. They may just want to tell you everything you want to hear to make you like them more.


It’s hard not to be attracted to Scorpio’s raw sexual energy. Their passion and adventurous nature will draw you in. But while they are quite sexy, they are also incredibly secretive.

Not only are they secretive, but they can also be quite envious. So while they attract you with their sensuality and charm, they may be harboring jealous feelings toward you. A Scorpio scammer will have you eating out of the palm of one hand while getting ready to stab you in the back with the other.


Capricorns make exceptional leaders because they are charismatic and fiscally responsible. But that means that a Capricorn scammer may be able to charm their way into your wallet.

The cardinal earth sign’s calm and cool demeanor can make you feel pretty safe and secure around them. But make sure they are trustworthy friends who will always pay you back before loaning them money.

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