Leo and Leo Rising 12/1/22

You may have been trying to reinvent yourself. You may be trying to let go of the things that no longer serve you and hold onto what brings you joy.

But now the moon has moved into Aries. This lunar aspect wants you to expand your mind and worldview. You may start dreaming of traveling to new locations.

A lot of things are happening in the sky today! The moon forms squares with Mars, Venus, and Mercury. The moon also forms two conjunctions with Neptune and Jupiter and a sextile with Pluto. Meanwhile, Mercury forms a square with Neptune and Venus forms an opposition with Mars and a sextile with Saturn. 

Under these aspects, you have a strong need for escapism. But be careful, because you run the risk of getting lost mentally and spatially.

Leo of the day: Antonio Banderas, born on August 10, 1960

Leo song of the day: Girl In The Movies, by Dolly Parton


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