Which Zodiac Couples Are the Most Toxic?

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We’ve spoken before about the most toxic traits of each sign, and also the best and worst traits of every sign of the zodiac. But today, we are talking about the most toxic zodiac couples.

I have mentioned before that when calculating your compatibility with a potential partner based on their zodiac sign, it is important to look at their element (fire, earth, air, or water) and their modality (cardinal, fixed, and mutable.) 

When finding a compatible partner you should look for someone who has a different modality than you. For example, a cardinal sign should look for a fixed or mutable sign. You should also look for someone who is the same element as you or has a complementary element. Fire and air signs are complementary and earth and water signs are complementary

So which signs are the least compatible? And is there any way that these incompatible couples can make it work? Let’s dive in!

Aries and Cancer

Aries are secret softies, but they are no match for the moody moon-child. The fire sign is a bit too aggressive and optimistic and the water signs are too sensitive and cynical. These contentious traits will only lead to hurt feelings for both of these signs. Plus, Aries’ need for adventure will clash with the water sign’s homebody tendencies.

Aries tend to be wrathful and Cancers can be manipulative. The water sign may try to control an Aries temper in devious ways. And if the fire sign feels manipulated they will do anything in their power to hurt Cancer’s feelings to regain some control.

But is there hope? Aries must learn to express their hurt and sadness without losing their temper. And Cancer must stop trying to control their partner’s emotions. If Aries can calm themselves when necessary and if Cancers can loosen up a bit, these signs could balance each other nicely.

Taurus and Aquarius 

Aquarians are like a storm, and you know what they say about trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Aquarians prefer to be mentally and intellectually stimulated rather than emotionally stimulated. This emotional distance may cause Taureans to feel neglected. And their need for a stronger connection may make Aquarians feel uncomfortable.

Taureans can be quite the little control freaks and Aquarians can’t really be controlled due to their aloof nature. Both of these signs will always believe that they are the smartest in the room and that can be a huge problem.

But is there hope? Aquarians can be quite innovative, but they can lack direction. Taureans can help steer (haha, steer, cause Taurus is a bull) Aquarians in the right direction. But Aquarians have to be vulnerable and open about what they want and Taureans have to leave some of their control-freak tendencies at the door.

Gemini and Virgo

Both of these signs are ruled by Mercury, and therein lies the problem. They are both way too mutable. They will try to adapt to each other as best as they can. But Gemini’s curiosity and free spirit will clash with Virgo’s critical ways. The air sign is a bit too spontaneous and the earth sign is a bit too over-analytical.

Virgos will always make their overly-critical opinions known, and Geminis will never make their true opinions known. These toxic traits will create nothing but stalemates

But is there hope? I mentioned that since these signs are both ruled by Mercury, a relationship could be problematic. But this commonality can help them understand each other better. If Gemini can learn to take things seriously and if Virgo can learn to lighten up, a relationship could work.

Leo & Scorpio

There could potentially be a lot of sexual tension in this relationship and this could be a fun short-lived fling. But it could prove to be disastrous in the long term. They are both incredibly obstinate and want different things out of life. Though they are both very flirtatious, Scorpios will want Leo’s complete and undivided attention. And that is something the fire sign will not always be able to give.

Leos can be quite conceited and they like to stroke their own ego. And Scorpios can be quite secretive and are not always upfront about what bothers them.

But is there hope? Leo must learn to share the spotlight with their partners. And Scorpio has to learn to be open and honest with what hurts them. If the signs can learn this, they can have a healthy relationship.

Libra and Capricorn 

Libras think Capricorns are too stuffy, and Capricorns think Libras are too frivolous. Capricorns are very “down-to-earth,” whereas Libras are much more “up-in-the-air.” The air sign will never be able to get them to let go of their control and the earth sign will never be able to convince them to take things more seriously.

Libras are ambivalent and their equivocating can make their partners feel invalidated. And Capricorns can be quite patronizing and often feel like they know more than their partners.

But is there hope? Even though Libras are a bit wishy-washy, they still want to make their partners happy. And Capricorns are just as protective as they are patronizing. If they focus on making each other feel happy and safe, this relationship might work.

Pisces and Sagittarius

Sagittarians do not like to beat around the bush and because of this, they may be a bit too blunt with Pisces. Their bluntness paired with the water sign’s sensitivity is a recipe for disaster. The fire sign’s need for adventure and freedom may leave Pisces feeling lonely and neglected. Though their introspective ways will make them feel really bad for hurting their partner’s feelings.  

Both of these are notorious for their escapist tendencies. Pisces love to run away from their problems and Sagittarius will lose their temper and then run away from the fight. 

But is there hope? Both of these signs have an appreciation for philosophy and can be transcendental in their thinking. But these signs need to quell their escapist tendencies and handle their problems as they come rather than running away from them if they want a relationship to work.

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