A Party Playlist for Sagittarius

A chilly Sagittarius season is upon us! What better way to warm ourselves up than by dancing to this fun and fiery playlist!

Hey Ya

Written and performed by Outkast.

Like many fiery signs, Sagittarius is the life of the party. They are always the first ones out on the dance floor. This is a song with a fun beat that will get the mutable sign moving. But it also has introspective lyrics that will get them thinking.

Dark Horse

Written and performed by Katy Perry. Co-written by Jordan Houston, Lukasz Gottwald, Sarah Hudson, Max Martin, and Henry Walter.

Sagittariuses are often seen as the dark horses. Meaning they are usually a contender who nobody sees coming. This song will speak to their ambitious yet broody energy. Anybody who fraternizes with them should be ready for a perfect storm.

Sweet But Psycho

Written and performed by Ava Max. Co-written by Andreas Andresen Haukeland, William Lobban-Bean, Madison Love, and Henry Walter.

Sagittariuses are not necessarily discreet, and they will be the first to tell you that. They are a fire sign, so they have the tendency to run a little bit wild. This song encourages them to own up to and revel in their wild ways. 

The Archer

Written and performed by Taylor Swift. Co-written by Jack Antonoff.

With lyrics like “I’m ready for combat,” you would expect this song to be on an Aries playlist. But I’m pretty sure that Taylor Swift, being a Sagittarius herself, knew what she was doing when she wrote this song that touches on the sign’s contemplative nature. 

Semi-Charmed Life

Written and performed by Third Eye Blind.

I bet you have this song stuck in your head now, don’t you? Like “Hey Ya,” this is a party song with a deeper message. Sagittarius can sing along to this happy tune on a long road trip while appreciating the somber story it tells.  

After Party

Written and performed The Lonely Island.

If there is anything a Sagittarius can appreciate, it’s a good joke. This Lonely Island song playfully parodies party songs that have darker subtexts like “Hey Ya” and “Semi-Charmed Life.” 

Free Fallin’

Written and performed by Tom Petty. Co-written by Jeff Lynne.

The self-reflective centaur is sometimes accused of not being able to keep their promises. But this song paints that not-entirely-fair stereotype in a different light. As you listen to these poetic lyrics, you can almost imagine a Sagittarius singing this to a person whose heart they had to break to protect them.  


Written by LukaszGottwald, Claude Kelly, and Benjamin Levin. Performed By Britney Spear.

In my Halloween Costume article, I mentioned that Sagittarius could rock a clown costume. And they can definitely rock out to this song by the Sagittarius songstress, Britney Spears. Life can certainly feel like a circus for the mutable fire sign, so hopefully this song will give them some much-needed catharsis. Also, let us all be happy that Britney Spears does not have to live her life like a circus anymore. 

Old Town Road

Written and performed by Lil Nas X. Co-written by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Kiowa Roukema. Remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

I know I already mentioned this song in my Summer Anthem article, but you can’t have a Sagittarius playlist without this hit! Can you take a centaur to the Old Town Road? Sagittarius, this song speaks to the ambitious visionary that you are. You satisfy your own wants and needs. You do exactly what you know is best for you. “Can’t nobody tell you nothing.”

Girl On Fire

Written and performed by Alicia Keys. Co-written by Salaam Remi,Jeff Bhasker, and Billy Squier.

Sagittariuses can be loners simply because other people are intimidated by them. This song reminds them that other people’s insecurities are not their problem. Alicia Keys’ anthem will encourage them to burn brightly while never backing down. 

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